We must ensure everyone has an affordable, warm, dry and safe home as well as enough income to live with dignity and participate fully in the community.

Housing , housing, housing. Secure, affordable housing would reduce so many problems.
— Jill, 70, Palmerston North

“I live in a caravan with a three month old baby. It is unrealistic to rent and have a good quality of life when relying on welfare payments.”

  • Anon, 26, Auckland

“If a family has a state house then they have security of place, schooling and community. This allows children to develop wider networks and security and to, for example, do well at education. Without a secure place, a child has to manage many changes of school which leads to educational failure.”

  • Yvonne, Christchurch

“The Government could take a more active role in society in providing jobs, education, health and housing this could be done by taxing the rich and the corporations that presently pay very little tax and by empowering unions to to be able to look after the interests of workers.”

  • Doug, 64

“People are often made to feel like a burden if needing welfare support. They feel shamed and are not given all they are entitled to, particularly single parent families. The lack of affordable housing is also a major issue.”

  • Sophia, Social Worker, Whangarei